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Classic Billiard 7' Pool Table

Classic Billiard 7′ Pool Table

Reg Price: $699.99

Our Price: $689.99

Classic Billiard 7′ Pool Table Style and elegance meet affordability with the AirZone Play 7u2019 Billiard Table! This full-size table is a handsome addition to any room. This 7u2019 Billiard Table comes with a full set of billiard balls, two billiard cues, a pair of cue chalks, a racking triangle, and a brush to keep the vibrant green felt clean during play. This table assembles in about 45 minutes, and the sturdy solid wood legs ensure a level and steady surface to perfect your billiard shots onu2026 Itu2019s time to Play as you…

Classic Billiard 7′ Pool Table Details:

Color As Picture
Brands AirZone Play