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DAENG GI MEO RI New Gold Shampoo - 2-Piece Set

DAENG GI MEO RI New Gold Shampoo – 2-Piece Set

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Created with more than 35% concentrated Oriental herbal extracts for intense care for imbalanced scalp and weakend hair follicles/thin hair. Perfect for those with thin, weak hair, New Gold Shampoo effectively fortifies hair follicles and provides intensive care for stronger hair. New Gold has a deep cleansing effect to maintain a healthy scalp. Due to it’s strengthening formula, it may make hair feel a bit stiff so it is recommended for those with short hair or very weak, thin hair. Use with a deep conditioner to minimize stiffness. Recommended as an anti-hair loss shampoo for those with short hair. Contains ginseng extracts process with the Gujeungupo methods, Oriental herbal extracts such as rehmannia root, Siberian ginseng, and nelumbo nucifera, and patented formula made of ginseng and Korean chrysanthemum to thoroughly cleanse and balance the scalp. The addition of crinum asiaticum extracts and bamboo sap work to add moisture and shine to hair.
– 2-piece set
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