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Fluidline Pen & Pro Beyond Twisted Lash Set

Fluidline Pen & Pro Beyond Twisted Lash Set

Reg Price: $46

Our Price: $22

Description: WHAT IT IS: Fluidline Pen & Pro Beyond Twisted Lash Set


  • Fluidline Pen, 1 ml.
  • Pro Beyond Twisted Lash, 8 g.


Fluidline Pen:

Fluidline Pen combines your favourite pigmented liner with the versatility of a pen for vivid colour that glides across the lid like liquid ink. The applicator”s ultra-fine tip provides a sleek, high-intensity line that”s smudge-resistant and dries quickly to a bold matte finish. Like calligraphy for your eyes, it”s smooth fluidity is ideal for fashioning a variety of looks, from loud graphic lines to a chic, simple accent. Keep it on trend in shades of deep blue and green, or classic and smoky in lush brown and rich noir.

Pro Beyond Twisted Lash:

This mascara is sure to become your new twisted obsession. It”s totally flexible wand can be bent in all directions up to a complete 90-degree angle. This wand and small mascara brush lets you reach top, bottom, inner and outer lashes with a completely clear, unobstructed view while applying. Meanwhile, the lightweight, flake-resistant formula gives you high-impact definition, volume, lift and curl.


Fluidline Pen:

Apply directly to lid.

Pro Beyond Twisted Lash:

Unscrew cap and pull out the wand halfway or three-quarters from the tube. Hold cap, bend the wand downwards, placing slight pressure against the edge of the tube to your desired angle. Once the angle is achieved, pull out brush from inside the tube. This allows for a mess-free application. Press the brush into lashes close to roots and shimmy through lashes from root to tip. Continue to build until fullest desired effect is achieved.

Brand: MAC

Fluidline Pen & Pro Beyond Twisted Lash Set Details:

Color As Picture
Brands MAC