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Penguin Random House Eric Carle

Penguin Random House Eric Carle”s Very Little Library Set

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Now available for the first time as a coloring book, Eric Carle”s The Very Hungry Caterpillar will delight children as they bring their own imagination to this classic story. Including a new introduction by Eric Carle, as well as blank pages at the end of the book for your own pictures, this is the perfect way to turn story time into coloring time. At the same time interactive and timeless, this is one coloring book you”ll want to save as a keepsake!

Published September 29, 2003. Paperback. 32 pages

The Very Lonely Firefly

When a very lonely firefly goes out into the night searching for other fireflies, it sees a lantern, a candle, and the eyes of a dog, cat, and owl all glowing in the darkness. It even sees a surprise celebration of light. But it is not until it discovers other fireflies that it finds exactly what it”s looking for-a surprise sure to bring smiles to anyone who turn the final page!

Published June 1, 1995. Hardcover. 32 pages

The Very Busy Spider

A spider, blown by the wind to a fence post near a farm yard, begins to build her web and cannot be distracted from the task at hand-not by the horse, cow, sheep, goat, or dog. But when the rooster asks if she wants to catch a pesky fly, the busy spider is able to catch it in her web immediately!

Published February 20, 2014. Hardcover. 32 pages

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